Dora Hetherington

Dora Hetherington

Designer, Woodworker, Influencer

Dora Hetherington Aldridge graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2011 with a Masters degree in Design. Upon graduating, she spent several years in industry; during which time she worked for award-winning companies as a designer, brand development manager and project coordinator. Dora showed herself to be a determined, yet warm-hearted individual who proved an asset to whatever team she was a part of. 

While she was very happy with the career path she was forging, the pull of adventure was too great and in 2016 Dora took a two-year sabbatical to travel the world. Her travels have taken her to all seven continents where she soaked up the natural environments and culture of the people. Travel proved to be an inspirational and educational experience that fuelled her artistic creativity and professional ambitions. 

In 2018 Dora and her husband founded MADE Products, a design consultancy based within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Here, Dora’s primary focus was internal IP generation and product development. In short, Dora intends to create products that will meet her own high standards. 

MADE then evolved into Makers Manual, a resource for seeking woodworking inspiration and advice. As well as a location to purchase plans.

A key focus of the products developed at Makers Manual will be quality crafted products that people will want to treasure throughout the products life cycle, where customer service was paramount, and the sustainability and environmental impact of the product is considered at all stages. 

Dora is currently in the process of developing this brand and the products it will sell. Watch this space and wish her and Makers Manual luck!

MAKERS MANUAL was set up by Dora and Michael as a resource for quality DIY Woodworking Ideas, Plans and Advice. Our plans include furniture projects for inside and outside your home. As well as woodworking jigs for the workshop and children’s furniture and developmental toys.

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