After 8 or so long months it was finally time to graduate- and what a lovely day it was…

graduation rain


Frankly the weather couldn’t have been worse! Our ceremony was due to start at 10.30am so I had been up since 6.30am to ensue I looked my very best! Hair and makeup done  was done with the curtains closed, I got a nasty shock when I opened them to the rain. To make matters worse I had zero £££ in my purse, which meant a taxi wasn’t an option… I had to walk! -I think I made it there in record time!! Anyway, I got all beautified again at Glasgow University and was ready to graduate!

Bute Hall

Order of Service


The ceremony was lovely, it was a quiet affair, (only half of the post-grad students seemed to have attended), compared to my last graduation, the hall was MUCH cooler which was a huge relief. Seona Reid gave an inspiring and reassuring speech, some other lady spoke about architecture and after that we were good to get bopped on the head!



BOOM! Officially all graduated with a Masters in Design (with Merit may I add!) BOOM!



CONGRATULATIONS   MDES Fashion & Textiles, Class of 2011!

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