” To begin with I was a bit sceptical about creating a pyjama collection, I was very much focused on creating the ultimate suit fabric. In fact throughout the whole of the 1st term I was too shy to tell anyone about creating a pyjama collection for fear they would give me that ‘you’re a pretentious fashion student aren’t you’ look. I hate the fact that some people don’t respect what I do as a valid degree. The 1st term I was quite sceptical, I wasn’t sure how everything would come together successfully.

Stage 2 was much more positive, things came together a lot more for me. My sampling went well, it took me a while to figure out the direction I was taking my collection but I got there! I could most defiantly see how my pyjamas were going to take shape.

The ‘100 drawings’ was amazing for me. I was able to churn out so many variations in a short space of time, but they still looked ace! I’m so so happy with them. From them I could really start to see what fabrics went together and what my 5 garments were going to look like!

Stage 3 so far has been exciting. It’s good to not have that stupid elective class (which by the way, I got an A5 for! I honestly thought I would be lucky to scrape a C!). I’m just powering through making lengths of fabrics, which when doing so feels like I’ll never finish the warp, but when I see my fabric made into a garment- it makes everything worthwhile. I’m so proud of myself. I don’t even care about the all the discarded scraps of fabric that I’ve put so much effort into weaving! “

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